• Admission to LKG closes on February 28, 2019
  • CNIte LINO JOSEPH (Grade 8) got selection to the summer vacation training at Infosys Limited scheduled from 29 Apr-2019 to 10-May-2019 by Infosys Initiative : Catch Them Young 2018
  • Maths One Olympiard 2018-19 WINNERS: Topper SAMRDHI SAMPATH 4I (Rewards Rs 10,000/-) First Runner-up MANAV RAJESH 4I (Rewards Rs 5,000/-) Second Runner-up DIYA SIMI RAJ 5I (Rewards Rs 2,000/-)



"Taking Cambridge International A Levels has had a significant impact in my life, both inside and outside the classroom. The application based approach of the syllabus has moulded me to see the bigger picture of whatever I learn, which was how I ended up realising Chemical Engineering was what I wanted to pursue. The problem solving skills that I gained and sheer depth of the syllabus have made the transition to post-secondary education seamless. I forged great bonds with the school faculty members, who were extremely approachable and supportive of my aspirations for which I am always grateful. Learning in such a diverse environment has also sharpened my interpersonal and communicational skills. The Cambridge Syllabus has proved to play an instrumental role in laying a solid foundation and giving me the desire required to achieve my goals Anoop Nair Chemical Engineering at Ryerson University, Toronto, Canada"

Anoop Nair

"Prior to doing my Cambridge International A levels, I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life; there was no direction, no real purpose. The opportunity I received to study Business and Accounting during my A Levels allowed me to broaden my perspective, to go in a direction that would have otherwise been unknown to me. The fact that I did not have to be confined by the conventions of the Indian education system was very special; along with the syllabi, the support from my teachers and peers were fundamental to moulding the kind of student, and person, I am today. The skills I gained and the theories I studied helped me get through the first year of college life easily and helped me advance my degree by an entire semester. It has been an unexpectedly fulfilling and enjoyable experience and I am grateful for having come down the academic path the way I should have"

Karthick Radhakrishnan

"Having been in the CIE curriculum since Grade 6, I can certainly say it helped me a lot. The application based curriculum prevented us from rote learning facts and instead moulded us to be thinkers who relate theoretical concepts to real life situations. Moreover, through exams like Checkpoint and IGCSE we learned essential skills like time management. Moreover, through the wide range of subjects available, we do have the choice of dabbling in various subjects before finding our passions. Personally, after gaining a full scholarship to pursue the IB in Singapore; I was able to manage an additional higher level subject in the IB Diploma mainly due to the workload we undertook during IGCSE. Currently, Im in the middle of my gap year volunteering as a teacher in an NGO as well as working as my citys Green Army Fellow. I would most probably be pursuing a dual degree in Biomedicine and Chemical Engineering in the near future."

Neha Joe

"I am currently a second year medical student at the University of Oxford and have found that studying the Cambridge IGCSE has played a major role in my journey here. It taught me to think in a critical maner and to focus on understanding concepts instead of memorising it. It also made my transition back to the UK much easier as my grades were accepted by universities easily and required no further English qualifications. Studying this syllabus allowed me to have a global perspective on education especially thanks to the German exchange programme, and to push myself to achieve my best. Not only the syllabus, but also Christ Nagar as an institution and its teachers and students have been vital in shaping who I am."

Nandana Syam

"Studying CIE AS and A Levels really prepared me well for my university career. The CIE syllabus was comprehensive, rigorous and covered a lot of cutting-edge topics. I had to put in a lot of hard work to gain a thorough understanding of the subjects during high school. This enabled me to develop good study habits and prepare me for future studies. Now I have a solidfoundation of knowledge which has been helping me and will continue to help me in higher education. I have foundthat the CIE syllabus is on par with college-level coursework.It has given me a jumpstartand helped me excel in my core subjects such as Cell Biology, Biochemistry and Genetics. I feel very fortunate to have studied under CIE."

Sanjana Subramanian

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