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Academic Stars

In the Terminal examinations, the students who secure 90% and above in all subjects get the Ruby Star, those who secure 80% and above in all subjects get Gold Star, those who secure 70% and above in all subjects get the Silver Star and those who secure 60% and above in all subjects get the Blue Star. These medals are ever-rolling and will not become the bearer’s property. Grades are awarded in Hindi and Malayalam for Grades I to VII and marks for Hindi and Malayalam will not be included in the total marks.

Marks Awarded

The marks awarded to the students: Mid Reviews: 25 for each subject Terminal Exams: 50 for Each Subjects. Students have to get a minimum of Grade C for each subject Projects: (one each in the first and second terms, for all subjects) and Assignments: (first two terms)


1) Promotion is granted on the basis of the general progress of the pupil during the academic year, not merely on the results of the Annual Examination. The records of periodic tests, Mid Reviews, Terminal Examinations etc., will be taken into account at the time of promotion.

2) A minimum attendance of 75% of the total working days of the academic year is compulsory for promotion.

3) Results declared at the end of the year are final and will not be reconsidered. The promotion lists will be put up in the school notice board as well as the school website. Results will be withheld, if fees or dues are in default.


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