• CNIte Akshay Deepak and CNIte Narun Joe of grade 8 are shortlisted for the two weeks Infosys Vacation Training Programme during the month of April
  • Grade X CNItes Rohan S Kumar gets State level 3rd position and Sara Jayan & Kesava Valente Pruneri get merit certificates in the All India Essay competition organised by Sree Ram Chandra Mission and United Nations Information Centre for India and Bhutan.
  • CNIte Akshay Deepak M. of Grade VIII was one among the chosen five guest editors of The Hindu -Young World' s Children's Day edition.
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News Updates


Grandparents Day


The school witnessed a scintillating moment on the morning of 21 August 2019 when the much-awaited Grandparents’ Day ceremony took place. The grandparents were ushered into the school grounds by volunteer students, who also expressed their love by gifting them with red paper hearts. This was followed by a speech by the Chief Guest who emphasised on the importance of family value, and how the role of grandparents in the lives of their grandchildren could prove to be instrumental in their growth and development later on. A few of the grandparents of the CNItes came on to the stage to express their thoughts of wisdom and enlighten CNItes with their words of experience. The school choir sang a song in honour of the grandparents, followed by an instrumental performance by the teachers. In a touching gesture the school gifted customised cards to the grandparents. A few lucky grandparents took away the gifts during the lucky dip that was organized especially for the grandparents.

Hit... Dont Quit...


A handball match was held between the female staff and the students of the school on 25 July, 2019. The intention behind it was to show an example of girl power. The staff team charged with force and proved that they were there to take away the game. The student team tightened their game but the staff team was still strong for them. The match ended with a score of 11-7 making staff team the winners. The match raised a promising Girls Handball Team for the school.

Howzz that!


To match with the thrill of ICC World Cup, the school set off for a game of cricket. The match, of 10 overs each, between Students’ XI and the Principal’s XI was held on 5 July 2019. The staff team displayed a superb batting skill. The students too were equal but they could not hold strong partnerships which led to their fall.

School Cinema


The school revealed themselves to be the pioneers of School Cinema, a new idea introduced into the curriculum , on 7 June 2019. It aims to add a new dimension to the learning of moral science and life skills through a medium that is better resonated with students- cinema. The students of Grades LKG to X will be exposed to one movie in a month and the activities

Kindergarten Inauguration


The school commenced its first batch of LKG on 10 June 2019. The parents of the LKG students were thanked to choose Christ Nagar International School for their precious ones. School Principal Rev. Fr. Thomas Chennattusserry CMI in a short speech congratulated all for this beginning. Grade II students welcomed the tiny tots with flowers and sweets. They ushered the little ones of LKG to their colourful class room.

Thrill CNIS


This year opened on 18 July 2019 with the winning logo being unveiled by the School Principal. CNIte Steven Thomas of Grade VIII I won the First Prize for his logo design. The inter house literary competitions began on that day witnessing the students getting engaged in various competitions. Other on stage events are to be held from 19 August 2019 along with the gala inauguration of the event which will be held on 21 August 2019.



CNIS Reading Programme started off on 11 July 2019. It has been rechristened as DEAR BOOKS, a clever acronym for Drop Everything and Read Books. Principal Rev. Fr. Thomas Chennattusserry unveiled this year’s logos for the reading programme. CNIte Arjun Manivannan, the Reading Ambassador gave an insight on the activities of the programme. The students of different grades are given themes on which they have select their books and engage in the programme. Exchanging the books for further reading will be seen in the next few weeks.

Open Space


The door to artistic creativity and freedom to express was unlocked on 20 June 2019. The legacy of performances that happened in the previous academic year will be taken ahead this year too. Principal Rev. Fr. Thomas Chennattusserry unveiled the platform name – Open Space. Selected students kick started the Open Space with a debate on Indian Education System. Open Space will come alive in the beginning of the First Snack Break. It will help the students unleash their innovative spirit and explore their abilities.

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