• Result of Grade I - Entrance Test conducted on 10.11.2018 is published. Check the Notice Board of this Website for Interview dates and time
  • Félicitations: CNItes Rithika Sreekanth bagged the First Prize in French solo song and Sanya Mary & Niveditha Sanal received the Second and the Third Prize respectively in French Recitation in the Interschool and college competition for French held at Alliance François, Trivandrum on 2 November, 2018.
  • Kudos! CNIS duo Diya V S & Marwa Sajjad of Grade V emerged winners in State Level Wild Wisdom Quiz conducted by World Wide Fund for Nature-India on 16 September 2018.
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News Updates


Educational Fair


ANUBHAV-The Annual Educational Fair was held on 14 November 2018. The fair brought together the students, teachers and the parents. The effort was to project only the students’ work. The ambience was embellished with the students’ creations. Parents took up the responsibility of presenting the programmes for the opening and the closing ceremony which was colourful as well as meaningful. The students were given the experience of honouring the non teaching staff of the school who lighted the lamp and gave the start to the fair. Students took the opportunity to thank the Principal, Academic Coordinator, teachers, parents and also gave a pat to themselves for setting up the fair with their learning experiences in form of models, displays and exhibits. They explained about their topics which was chosen by them from their textbooks. Their presentations were observed and graded for which they would be awarded certificates. A food fest for raising funds for charity was also organized by the students. Parent volunteers helped the smooth functioning of the food fest.

Childrens Day


“There are some things which we can never buy. One of such thing is childhood.” The childhood was celebrated on the eve of children’s Day which falls on 14 November 2018. Little ones of Grades 1,2 & 3 with great confidence presented a show which was filled with messages for the audience and learning for them. Apart from the disciplined formal function, the children showcased a grand cultural fiesta that included a walk on the theme ‘Nature’ which called out the need for saving nature. The musical presentation as well as the dance performance were delightful. The teachers also sang songs that praised the children and cheered them up. The school principal wished all the children and gave a short message. Sweets were distributed to the students.

Tour Cochin Wonder La


Grade 6-10 had a Tour of two days November 9 and November 10 to Cochin and Wonder La. 72 students participated. 7 Teachers and 2 office staff accompanied them

Educational Fair - Introduction


The Annual Educational Fair – An Introduction A curtain raiser for this year’s Annual Educational Fair was presented by a few students of Grade 5 on 24 October 2018. The students successfully held the curiosity of the audience with a small act and revealed the name of the Fair –ANUBHAV to be held on 14 November 2018. They described the Fair as ANUBHAV from me ANUBHAV for you and ANUBHAV for all. As the name suggests the students will share their ‘ANUBHAV’, the experience of their learning by presenting Models/Exhibits on any chosen topics. It will be a platform for them to implement their learning in their own creative way. The students will also give an oral presentation of their displays. Students of Grades I-VII will work individually and the students of Grades VIII and IX will be working within a selected team and present a group work.



On October 12, 2018, the students of Grades 8 and 9 , had a great opportunity to hear from and interact with , The Courageous Daughter of India, Ms Tiffany Brar. Ms Tiffany Brar is the founder of Jyotir gamaya foundation which serves to empower and reintegrate the blind into mainstream society. She is the recipient of the Presidents National Award for being the Best Role Model. Her life story, struggles and determination were truly inspirational for the students

Mr David Schnabel show


On 11 October 2018, CNItes were left in awe after watching the artistic cycling performed by Mr David Schnabel. The incredible tricks performed by him was a visual treat for all. Mr David Schnabel is from Germany who has been the World Champion for 8 years in artistic cycling



On October 8, 2018, Dr. Aravind Thampi, a leading psychologist and an academician, had an interactive session with Grade 10 students. The topic of discussion as, "Calming The Storms". The discussion covered good study habits, exam stress and the four negative emotions- fear loss, anger and guilt.

Right Track Civil Service Foundation Course


Sargashetra Right Track Civil Service Foundation Course was inaugurated on September 15 2018. The day began with an opening prayer by Fr. Bino Pattarkalam CMI, CBSE Principal, Our school Principal Fr. Thomas Chennattusserry CMI sent his love and blessings on this new endeavour all the way from Cambridge. The faculty of the day was Mr. Arun Appukuttan. Mr. Arun touched upon the following topics: 1. Importance of Time and Time Management. 2. Be a leader (leadership qualities to be developed). 3. Newspaper Reading, Importance of preparation of News Book highlighting the difference between GK and Current affairs. 4. Value of life: Ethics Right Track sessions will be held twice every month.

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