• Admissions open to Pre-KG, LKG, UKG, GRADES I - IX and XI at the Kazhakootam campus.
  • CNIte Milan Rajesh of Grade 2-I has achieved the Third Rank - State Level in the Unified International Mathematics Olympiad held by Unified Council.
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Principal's Message

Hello my lovely students, dear parents and my dear staff!

Hope you all are taking good care of yourself. You need to do everything to keep yourself healthy and fit.

We have come face to face with a strange situation. Our school where many stories of growing up are written is now silent. The echo of teaching and learning has been muted.

Does that mean that teaching - learning isn't happening. No! Definitely not. CNIS now reaches each student's home through online class. Younger ones are receiving pre-recorded video classes and the older ones are engaged in live classes.

Tireless efforts are put by the teachers to reach the students. The already busy schedule of the teachers is now even more hectic. They are working day in and day out to prepare classes for the students and to correct the tasks. The responsibility of the students is also very high. They should try to extract maximum benefit from these classes and engage in fruitful learning.

Parents' cooperation at this time is of utmost importance. They have to support the kids to set good study timetable and set a proper learning environment at home.

The school campus without the hustle bustle of the teachers and students is lifeless but it is proposed that all the teachers should work from home so that they stay safe for the students.

Some points known to all is being specified here as reiteration is required to keep everyone alert as well as calm during this time.

1. Teachers and parents, as far as possible, stay at home.
2. If at all the teachers and parents have to step out, use face masks to cover your nose and mouth.
3. All students should strictly stay at home.
4. Students under 10 in no case should step outside.
5. Eat fresh and home cooked food.
6. Maintain personal hygiene.
7. Wash your hands frequently with soap/ handwash for 20 seconds.
8. Washing hands after using laptop/ mobile, for online classes, is a must.
9. Washing eyes with cold water after screen time should be a habit.
10. Early morning, breathe fresh air standing in your balcony or sitout.
11. Take some time to look at the greenery.
12. Family prayer is compulsory.
13. Spend time for chanting and meditation.
14. Family talk is very much important. Listen to each other.

This time will also pass soon. Do not worry about anything. Just fulfil your responsibility


Fr. Thomas Chennattusserry CMI
Christ Nagar International School

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