• Result of Grade I - Entrance Test conducted on 10.11.2018 is published. Check the Notice Board of this Website for Interview dates and time
  • FĂ©licitations: CNItes Rithika Sreekanth bagged the First Prize in French solo song and Sanya Mary & Niveditha Sanal received the Second and the Third Prize respectively in French Recitation in the Interschool and college competition for French held at Alliance François, Trivandrum on 2 November, 2018.
  • Kudos! CNIS duo Diya V S & Marwa Sajjad of Grade V emerged winners in State Level Wild Wisdom Quiz conducted by World Wide Fund for Nature-India on 16 September 2018.
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Principal's Message

Greetings to all.

I am so happy to see that all our CNItes are so vibrant and enthusiastic with their studies and other co-curricular activities. We have travelled almost half way. Let us all gear up, motivate ourselves and encourage each other to reach our goal.

ANUBHAV - The Annual Educational Fair was organised to give a rich learning Anubhav to all our students. It was combined with Children’s Day which was a perfect day to celebrate childhood and learning. A Food Fest organised with the food items contributed by the students was an added attraction. The students with help of the teachers and parents presented excellent exhibits proving their interest in learning. The parents were invited to join in the school activities. It was a fair which brought together the students, parents and the staff of the school. It was heartening to see the CNIS family together, the purpose of which was to earn some good Anubhav for life. I just want all to know that the day enriched me too with great Anubhav that I would treasure always. My sincere gratitude to the supportive parents, loving students and sincere staff. Let the Almighty bless us all with this sense of oneness and give us all more strength for receiving and delivering meaningful education.

Let us all prepare for the Christmas which is the celebration of love and concern.

God Bless you

Fr. Thomas Chennattusserry CMI



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