• CNIte Akshay Deepak and CNIte Narun Joe of grade 8 are shortlisted for the two weeks Infosys Vacation Training Programme during the month of April
  • Grade X CNItes Rohan S Kumar gets State level 3rd position and Sara Jayan & Kesava Valente Pruneri get merit certificates in the All India Essay competition organised by Sree Ram Chandra Mission and United Nations Information Centre for India and Bhutan.
  • CNIte Akshay Deepak M. of Grade VIII was one among the chosen five guest editors of The Hindu -Young World' s Children's Day edition.

Activities - Study Tour & Field Trip


Like every year, the little ones of Grades I-IV were delighted to go to Happyland, the water theme park for their one day leisure trip on 10 January 2020. Needless to mention the junior students had a lot of fun. Their giggles and laughter were spread all around the place as they splashed in the water.

The students of Grades V - IX headed to Athirapally- Ernakulam for a two day leisure trip on 10 & 11 January 2020. Songs, dances and moving around refreshed all of them.

Nature Club

The students of Nature Club (CCA) went on a field trip to Agricultural-Horticulture Farm established by CIMR at Kuttichal on 28 September 2019.
The students were exposed to pleasant natural surrounding and were left to enjoy the nature. They were also given a basic knowledge of agriculture. The students were excited to see and feel the farm animals.

Field Trip (Grades I-IX)

As part of educational trip on 26 July 2019, the students of Grades I –III went to Napier Museum, Aquarium and Shree Chitra Art Gallery. The students of Grades IV –VI went to Natural History Museum and Grades VII- IX went to the Legislative Assembly. The places selected were in relation to the few topics that the students learn inside their classrooms.  Students were given follow up activities to strengthen their knowledge of the topics and the places they visited. 

Trip To Devala - Grade XII

Leisure Trip

Grade XII students went on a three day trip, from 7 July 2019 to 10 July 2019, to Devala, Wild Planet Resort near Wayanad Hills. They engaged in many recreational activities. Nature walk was another attraction where the students walked through the cold, misty and beautiful rain forests.

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