• CNIte Akshay Deepak M. of Grade VIII was one among the chosen five guest editors of The Hindu -Young World' s Children's Day edition.
  • Grade X CNIte Adithyan S Neelamana declared the Best Delegate and CNItes Mariam Lulu, Lidhya John, Lizza kodiattu Jacob and Gaurav Nair got a special mention at the Sai International School Model MUN, Bhubaneshwar, Orissa.

Activities - Kids Support Kids


Charity Drive

On 13 June 2019, the school launched the ‘KIDS SUPPORT KIDS‘ charity drive, which saw an immense collection in the previous academic year. Aiming to replicate the success on a larger scale this year, the charity box was unveiled, into which the newly elected student council, prefects and vice prefects, as well as the teachers donated money and commenced the charity program. Every Tuesday will be observed as Charity Day. As a gesture to start the Charity Day, the School

Principal handed over the class charity box to the Kindergarten students.

Goodwill Ambassador Meghna Anil gave a brief report on last year’s charity drive programmes and the donations made. She enlightened the school about the massive success of the programme in the last academic year. She also urged the school to rewrite the same in this academic year too.

Kids Supports Kids

A charity drive has been introduced in the school where the students sacrifice some of their pleasures in order to help the poor and deserving students. To finance the activities of the “Kids-Support-Kids” several events will be organized during the year and the proceeds will be utilized to supportkids/students in need. Its main aim is to make children aware of their social responsibility towards the unfortunate people around them.KIDS-SUPPORT -KIDS donated an amount of Rs 60,000 to Sukurtham-Cancer Children Welfare Society, an organisation which support children who are victims of cancer,The fund was also utilised to patients to undergo heart operation, dialysis and chemotherapy.

The students of Christ Nagar International School set examples to the society by being good neighbours - sharing their resources time and unique expert. Let’s go on building the bonds of friendship and goodness through co-operation and mutual respect.

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