• CNItes have made us proud again with excellent results. IGCSE-16 distinctions and 9 Merits.Sanya Mary Dennies is the school topper with 6 A* and 2 A, with 92%.Niranjan Sekhar is the School topper in A Level exams with 4 A*,1 A with 91%.
  • Online classes for Grades XI commenced on 14 May 2020
  • Online classes for Grades X and XII commenced on 11 May 2020.

Activities - Events 2020-21



Christ Nagar International School got its new School Leader Malavika Santhosh and Dy. School Leader Gopichand V Menon after an election process.

The first ever online election was held on 23 July 2020 and the CNItes voted for the candidates of their choice through e - ballot paper from their registered email id between 4:00 pm and 8:00 pm.

CNIte voters of Grades V-XII were able to make a decision after watching Meet the Candidates videos part 1 & 2 which was anchored impressively by CNIte Akshay Deepak and CNIte Rajshree M. 

The confidence with which the candidates campaigned themselves was praiseworthy.

CNIS Online Election - Result video in which School Principal Rev. Fr. Thomas Chennattusserry CMI announced the result and congratulated everyone was premiered on 24 July at 7:00 am.

National Doctor’s Day -1 July 2020

A tribute by CNIS!

For the incessant services the doctors have been engaged in, especially in the present pandemic situation, CNIS attempted to honour and thank all the doctors through a short video.

The effort was to bring a flash of smile onto the faces of as many doctors as possible. It was to let them know how much they are valued in the society.

 The video consisted of sincere gratitude, heartfelt prayer and salute to the doctors.

Short speeches by Grade VI CNItes Tina Susan Thomas, Rigved S, Reuben George and Aparna Nambiar brought out the relevance of the day.

International Yoga Day 21 June 2020

The CNItes were reminded about the International Yoga Day through another video. The importance & information of the day along with the benefits of Yoga was presented by CNItes Anna Thomas (Grade VIII), Krishna Arun (Grade IX), Vamika Sekhar (Grade VI), Narun Joe (Grade IX), Suzanna Jacob (Grade VIII). They all urged to understand the importance of yoga and make it a part of the daily life.

CNItes Vamika Sekhar (Grade VI), Diya Simi (Grade VII), Varsha B S (Grade VI), Siddharth Rajesh Pillai (Grade IV), Samridhi Sampath (Grade VI), Riyansh Sharma (Grade VI), Amira Jacob (Grade V), Karthik Pillai (Grade VI) and Mia Annie Joseph (Grade IV) demonstrated few yoga postures exhibiting their flexibility and also pointing out the benefits that yoga can bring in each one

World Music Day-21 June 2020

Virtual connection has reduced the distance between people. This was evident from the video on World Music Day which opened with a speech by the Guest Speaker Mr. Jobi Mathew, Head of the Department, Violin of Chembai Memorial Govt. Music College, Palakkad.

The Honourable Guest shared his belief on music. He said that music is the language of emotions and without music our life could be compared to a moonless night, waterless river or a flower without fragrance.

He urged all to make music a part of the life and join him for a prayer to give respite to this world from the pandemic. The splendid violin rendition by him to support the prayer was soothing and brought peace to the mind.

CNIte Niveditha Sanalkumar (Grade XI) gave a piece of information on the origin and the importance of World Music Day which was followed by a beautiful rendition of CNIS version of What a wonderful world to bring hope, joy and happiness in all. The rendition was presented by Grade XI CNItes Rithika S Kumar (lead vocal), Nevil Joseph (Drums), Aadithyan S Neelamana (violin), Khalid Abdul Jaleel (Keyboard), Enrique Joseph (Guitar). The chorus comprised Isabel Joseph (Grade VII) ,Anagha H Nair & Anna Thomas(Grade VIII)

World Environment Day-June 5

Staying at home did not deter the celebration of World Environment Day.

The CNIS Family was exposed to a video  that sensitized all about the responsibility of protecting our environment.  

The video contained a rousing speech by CNIte Indugowri of Grade III which called for appreciating the nature that provides for everyone’s need. She drew the attention on this year’s theme of World Environment Day. CNIte Indugowri also mentioned the demands, which will increase exponentially in the coming years, due to the growing population. An alert of climatic changes and the impacts of it also were given out.  She called out for harmony with nature and our Earth. Her positive statement mentioning that the ongoing health pandemic can only physically distance us but cannot keep us away from being virtually connected and celebrating Environment Day was heart touching.

CNItes Samridhi Sampath (Grade VI), Romit Nair (Grade VIII), Mehreen Latheef (Grade VI), Anagha H Nair (Grade VIII), Isabel Joseph (Grade VII), CNIte Bhamini S Neelamana (Grade VII), Suzanna Jacob (Grade VIII) also presented very good points for all to ponder over and accept the importance of being part of the nature.

The greenery shown in the video was captured from the school’s campus.

Going Online!

The need of the hour is to stay home but that definitely should not bring hindrance to the teaching learning activity.

CNIS followed the norm of online teaching. Grades VIII –XII students are exposed to live online classes. The teachers give lessons live from 9 am in the morning to 1:15 pm in the afternoon.

The students are finding this fruitful though they miss coming to school and mingling with the peer group and the teachers of the school.

Grades X – XII started with their online classes from the second week of May and Grades VIII & IX started on 1 June.

Pre- Recorded Video Teaching

CNIS adopted a different method for imparting learning to the students of Grades I-VII during this time of pandemic when reopening the school campus is not possible. To avoid them from being exposed to long hours of screen space the school gives learning to the students through pre- recorded classes. The teaching is recorded and being sent to the students as per a decided schedule. The video will have the tasks that students have to do at home. The students can watch them at a time convenient to them and their parents. They also have an option of repeated watching of the videos.  The teachers are now reaching the students’ home through these teaching videos.

Re opening Ceremony 2020-21

1 June 2020, the school Re –Opening Day, should have been making the campus lively with the hustle bustle of the students.

This year the call was to stay home and stay safe however the school decided to celebrate the re opening online.

It was an honour for the school to have Dr. Shashi Tharoor, Member of Parliament, Thiruvananthapuram to inaugurate the School Online Re opening through a video conferencing. In his compendious speech, Dr. Shashi Tharoor highlighted the privilege we enjoy but also sensitized about many of our fellow countrymen who are deprived of even basic facilities. He talked about the new norm of learning which is predicted to take off well in future. Nevertheless, he pointed out the fundamentals of class room education which shapes the child into a well developed human being. He wished all the students to be able to come back to teachers.

Principal Rev. Fr. Thomas Chennattusserry CMI mentioned about the excellent Cambridge Results that was announced in the third week of May. He congratulated all the teachers and students for the success along with the belief that this mode of online teaching also would be successful.

Dr. Kamala, Paediatrician, Ananthapuri Hospital, Thiruvananthapuram also conveyed her best wishes to the teachers and students on the Re opening Day. She took the opportunity to guide the children on Corona Virus and the safety measures to be adopted for staying safe.

A edited and mixed dance video recorded from the students’ homes embellished the Online Re –Opening Ceremony.

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