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12 June, 2018, witnessed the prestigious Investiture Ceremony of Christ Nagar International School. It is the day in the school calendar to bestow upon the students various responsibilities with the intention of creating possibilities to develop and enhance the students’ leadership skill. The School Principal Rev. Fr. Thomas Chennatussery deputized the selected students to the post of the School Leader, Deputy School Leader, Art’s Club Secretary, Sports Captain, Student Editor, Goodwill Ambassador and Girls’ Representative. The Captains, Vice Captain and Girl’s Representative for the four houses namely Amazon, Ganges, Nile and Volga were also invested. Upon conferring the badges and sashes the Office Bearers brimmed in confidence to shoulder the responsibilities of the school. The Prefects and the Vice Prefects for each class were also appointed. The school flag and the four house flags were hoisted this day instilling a sense of pride in the staff and the students of the school. The hoisting of the flag also marked the commencement of various activities in the school.
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