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Admission Procedure

CNIS admits students who can be successful in the regular academic programme of Cambridge University, known as Cambridge International Examinations (CIE). In the admissions and educational policy of the school there is no discrimination of any sort on the basis of religion, caste, gender or nationality. Admission is awarded simply on the basis of professional criteria, like:

  • The potential of the applicant to benefit from the educational services provided;
  • The capacity of the school to meet the educational needs of the applicant, including English (which is the medium of instruction).
  • The ability of the selected student to meet the behavioural and/or emotional capability expected of a student of this school.

In normal case the children who enter the first Grade should be six years old; rarely exceptions are made. The secondary factors that affect Grade placement are previous educational system, academic success with the previous system, additional assessment by CNIS, and academic calendar.

CNIS begins the academic year on the first working day of June.

CNIS has adopted the following criteria and procedures for the admission of students:

  • Admissions are open to I to XII Grades.
  • Students who have secured at least 70% in the previous final examinations are eligible to apply.
  • Students can join IGCSE syllabus from ICSE, CBSE and State streams.

Written Test

Written tests may be conducted at the discretion of the Principal. Such tests comprise objective type questions in four sections as follows:

English Language comprehension 50 Marks 30 Minutes
Mathematical skills 50 Marks 30 Minutes
Intelligence and critical reasoning 50 Marks 30 Minutes
General Knowledge 50 Marks 30 Minutes
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