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British Council International School Award

The Christ Nagar International School (CNIS), Thiruvananthapuram attained the British Council’s prestigious International School Award (ISA). With this, CNIS will now be counted among the few ISA accredited Indian schools for their unique blend of Indian curriculum with the international standard education. This accreditation was awarded after the school proved its ongoing commitment to international education through stringent evaluation process on the basis of chosen projects given by the British Council.

ISA’s aim is to support and develop partnerships between India and UK for building a network of Indian schools with international links. They aim to connect class room programs across the world. Such projects help the students in their intellectual growth through understanding international problems and seeking solution for them.

ISA aims to:

ISA provides a valuable tool for schools to:

The CNIS started in 2004 under the able leadership of Fr. Josey Kollammalil CMI and has since then continuously maintained a high degree of academic excellence at par with international standard. CNIS is a registered centre of University of Cambridge International examinations UK and the candidate school of International Baccalaureate.

Last year, CNIS developed a global partnership with Jean Renior Public School, Bourges, France. In this program 17 students and 10 teachers from the French school visited CNIS and actively participated in the school’s functioning during their stay here. Famous Bulgarian Pop singer Dyna Dafova and French Film Director Ms. Joyce Bunuel were among the 60 international dignitaries f4rom various countries, including Germany, Canada, Nepal, UK, USA etc., who visited the school

As part of the evaluation process for ISA accreditation, the school was given 10 projects like Democracy and Election a comparative study, Frontiers of Medicine, Green Revolution, Sports and Games - development from Victorian Age to the present, Population and Consumption of Natural Resources, Traditional Dances of various countries, Seven wonders of the World, Famous Waterfalls, National Flags of different countries and Insects of the world and diseases caused by them. Different subjects were allotted to each age group, depending upon the difficulty of the task.

Democracy and Election a comparative study was the project for grade 5th to 8th where the students got an opportunity to compare the systems in the United States of America, Brazil, France, Switzerland and India. Mock parliament was an attractive feature of this project.

The Frontier of Medicine was another project that helped students a lot to understand about alternative medicines. The students visited various hospitals and specialist doctors conducted seminars on different subjects. The project on Green Revolutions for grade 8th developed a real awareness in the students, they formed a nature club and developed vegetable garden.

A comparative study on people of USA, China, India and Kenya was part of the project ‘Population and Consumption of Natural Resources’ for grade 6th. The project created awareness on exhausting natural resources, necessity of population control and impact of population on developed and developing countries. The world population day was celebrated on 11th July..

The grade 1st students were given a project on National Flags of countries like France, Russia, Germany, Romania and India. The last project was about Insects of the world and diseases caused by some of them. This created awareness on dangerous insects, diseases caused by them and their categorization.

Staff and students of CNIS prepared extensive reports and collected information for various projects assigned to them. Through various presentations and exhibitions they displayed the information collected on the projects. These projects helped the students to develop the student’s capabilities to meet the global challenges

CNIS believes that such cooperation could further develop a mutual exchange of ideas and would be valuable for the school. The ISA gave opportunities for communication among educators and experts in order to share intellectually and meet challenges of a cultural changing global environment.

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