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Activities - Class Assembly 2022-23


Grade 2 Assembly-19 January 2023

Caring for others is an expression of what it means to be fully human. Keeping this quote in mind, the students of Grade II had conducted their class assembly.The assembly was graced by the wise words of Mother Teresa enacted by CNIte Ivanna Ajin, that sowed the seed of kindness in the audience. A segmented skit by our budding actors highlighted the theme.CNItes displayed a nostalgic journey through an unconditional bond with our friend and memories attached to them through a dazzling dance performance.

Grade 6 Assembly-10 November 2022

The Grade 6 I students delivered an engaging and equally educational assembly. "Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle" served as the assemblys theme. The audience responded well to a speech that effectively introduced the concept and was followed by a dramatic presentation by the students who demonstrated how to put reduce, reuse, and recycle into action.The students advice on the subject was left behind for everyone in the audience to take home and apply to their daily lives.

Grade 5 Assembly-1 November 2022

Keralas 66th birthday was celebrated joyfully by the energetic tweens of Grade 5. The event started with a wonderful thought, which was followed by prayer. Kerala Piravi was made more enchanting by a variety of colourful programmes staged by the CNItes. There were dance performances, skits, and poetry recitals in Malayalam. Principal Rev. Fr. Thomas Chennattusserry CMI, concluded the assembly with his wise words.

Grade 3 Assembly -13 October 2022

For the first time in human history, we see a transcending concern about our mother Earth. We have come to realise that our planet Earth has its own metabolic needs and vital processes, which need to be respected and preserved. In this day and age, we see the issue of survival as one not just of the people but of the planet as well. CNItes in Grade III held an assembly on October 13, 2022, with the theme "Wildlife and Nature Conservation" to raise awareness about the preservation of our planet. The CNItes made the audience mindful of the emerging new world vision, which calls for a new era of responsibility towards our planet. The principal, Rev. Fr. Thomas Chenattusserry CMI, congratulated the young CNItes for their awe-inspiring performance and advised the students about the pressing need to conserve nature and wildlife.

Grade 4 Assembly-22 September 2022

The CNIS family celebrated Grandparents Day in a jubilant way on September 22, 2022. The events of the day started with the welcoming of grandparents by the senior CNItes. CNIte Anagha and Gangas grandfather, Dr V Ramakrishnapillai, senior cardiologist consultant, KIMS hospital, presided the assembly. Grandfather of CNIte Sakash Nair, Sri. Chandrashekhan Nair, and grandmother of CNIte Ameya Bijoy, Smt. Susamma Areekal, were honoured with Ponnadas by Principal, Rev. Fr. Thomas Chennattusserry CMI. With dance performances, musical melodies, fun games, and some candid moments, grandpas and grandmas left the campus with pleasant memories, loads of appreciation, and heaps of blessings for the school.

Grade 8 Assembly-27 July 2022

CNITes of Grade 8 conducted their class assembly on 27th of July 2022,on the theme ‘Patience, Perseverance and Discipline’. The assembly commenced with welcoming the special guest, Ex CNIte and World topper in Mathematics AS Level Ms. Meghna Anil. The three anchors for the assembly CNites Mehreen , Aparna and Anvitha started the assembly with some short puns about the hectic school life. Invoking the grace of God , school prayer and the prayer song was sung with devotion and piety. CNIte Aditi gave a thought provoking quote which made each one of us , think about the amount of patience and perseverance each one of us have in the life’s endeavors. School Leader and Deputy School leader took positions and Fr Principal , Rev Fr Thomas Chennattusserry CMI hoisted the school flag . CNITes proudly saluted the flag and sang the school anthem. CNites Aparna , Joanna and Mehreen quoted the Holy books about the value of perseverance and discipline in our lives. The audience was updated with the current Affairs ,Weather and school news by the CNItes Amritapriya, Gautam, Apoorva , Denzel and Zaira. CNItes of Gr 8 then moved on to the stage performances based on their theme. A skit titled “ The determined me in the cradle I call School” showed an example of how with sheer determination and disciplined lifestyle , anyone can achieve success. The skit was followed by enactment of personalities some from the past and some from the present times who showed true grit and determination in their respective careers / paths . From Mahatma Gandhi to Elvis Presley , the personalities were brought to life on the stage. Next program was an ensemble of some foot-tapping numbers with the dance group 1 “ The Rhythmic feet“ and group 2 “ The Gracing Hands” thrilling the audience with their well-choreographed group dance. The last program was the musical groups who performed the new- gen musical melodies for the gathering. Fr Pricipal , Rev Fr Chennattusserry CMI congratulated the grade 8 students for a well performed assembly and re instilled the saying that through patience , perseverance and discipline , each and every CNITe can become a success story. With CNITe Tina’s note of thanks the assembly came to an end and the students of grade 8 took the final bow.

Grade 9 Assembly-14 July 2022

Every year, presenting the class assembly is not just a matter of pride but also a passionate experience which all the CNites fondly reminiscence . Grade 9 presented their assembly on the theme : Democracy , peace and freedom on the 14th of July. Our teachers and us students gathered to put together a diverse presentation based on the theme. Following the prayer song, was a speech on democracy and it rightly reminded us of what it meant to able to choose our leaders and our responsibilities. Soon after the flag hoisting, the school anthem was spiritedly chorused by the CNItes. The major highlight of the assembly was a skit based on a Tenali Rama story presented by the talented actors of Grade 9. It was so very well directed and it skilfully conveyed the importance of freedom. An energetic group of 9th graders even hoisted a quiz for the on-lookers, who enthusiastically joined in. Aligned with the peace theme, the vibrant dancers of grade 9 designed and choreographed an exquisite performance that wowed the spectators. The special formations to the ‘Naruto’ theme by the dancers especially excited the anime fans who were watching it eagerly. The following song “Top of the world” was well sung in coordination with our unofficial band. We cannot forget that some of the singers were just discovering their skills – and it feels like a long time back that we spent hours selecting and practicing the song. Our sheer determination to present a wonderful assembly brought out unusual discipline and sincerity from all of us. Let’s just say, missing every single math class for two weeks was an added advantage. Overall, it was a very collaborative, joyful, and funny experience and we managed to bring forward a lively show for CNIS and leave the audience with a memorable assembly.

Grade 10 Assembly -30 June 2022

The class assembly of grade 10 was conducted on the 30th of June, 2022, on the theme ‘Leadership and teamwork’. CNite Ruth and CNite Romit anchored the assembly with high spirits. A clear message resonated throughout the assembly that a leader leads the followers through their novel deeds . CNIte Devyani put forth a reflective thought on teamwork and leadership. The holy scripture readings captured the essence of the togetherness and goodwill. The school anthem was sung with pride and joy by all the CNites. With the national, international state, sports, and school news the audience was updated with the current happenings . After the official events, all cards were put on the deck for a spell binding performance by the students of grade 10. A theatrical dance, a mime on leadership and teamwork in an office and in the field of sports, was presented. An all-girl team led an orchestral performance on the musical instruments. A tapping dance number rocked the stage and the audience. The Inauguration of the Charity Drive for the academic year 2022-23 was the co-event of the day. The goodwill ambassador CNIte Riya enlightened the audience about the need to always lend a helping hand to the needy and the destitute. A meaningful skit to encourage donations was presented. The first collection drive for charity was initiated by Fr Principal followed by the team of CNIS teachers. Fr. Principal then spoke about the theme of the assembly and the charity drive, and motivated everyone to show skills of leadership and teamwork. as well as work for the betterment of other underprivileged people.

Grade 11 Assembly- 23 June 2022

The Grade 11 class assembly, took place on the 23rd of June 2022. It started off with an exuberant start off by CNIte Krishna Arun, giving a glimpse to the main theme of the assembly – Wellbeing of mind, body and soul. A laudable work by the CNItes was a new way of portraying the theme skit in the format of a musical as shown in broadways. “Take a break”. Celebrating International Yoga day in the campus, CNIte Steven Thomas enlightened the audience with a speech on the importance of yoga followed by a magnificent yoga performance led by CNItes from all grades. CNIte Arkshat Rhyan gave an insight into the melodies that bind the human soul. As the grand finale to the assembly , CNIte Shiho Kinebuchi left us wonderstruck with a mesmerizing and deeply meaningful Japanese poem titled ‘Amenimo Makezu’.

Grade 12 Assembly-9 June 2022

The morning of 9th June 2022 started with the assembly presented by the CNItes of grade 12 on the theme of ‘Living Sustainably in Harmony with Nature.’ The environment has always been a vital part of our lives. However, due to the growing effects of urbanism, much of it has been destroyed at the hands of humans. To bring this situation to the spotlight, CNIS once again joined hands to celebrate World Environment Day. The assembly commenced with, showing our gratitude to the Almighty through the school prayer. Principal of CNIS, Rev Father Thomas Chennattusserry CMI, hoisted the CNIS flag giving meaning to the spirit of the school. The highlights of the news for the day was presented to keep the audience informed of the current events. Rev Father Principal, shared motivating words on the theme and gave a slogan for the children to remember; “Make the surroundings green and keep the school clean”. Following that, the CNIS took a pledge to conserve our beautiful Earth. A skit titled ‘One Earth, One World’ was then performed to emphasize the importance of raising awareness on the current environmental issues. A fun segment which elaborated on the natural alternatives to plastics that are used every day stressed the importance of the use of recyclable material. Shoulder to shoulder, embracing friendship with nature, the students of grade 12 sung an entertaining group song ‘You’ve got a friend in me.’ An insightful speech was presented which educated us on the current state of the environment. That was followed by a magnificent poem and a creative visualisation of it representing the bittersweet relationship between trees and man. As a concluding event, Rev Father Principal planted a sapling displaying the need to make our environment as green and pollution free as possible.

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